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Management is considered to be both an art and science Explain Business Studies

Content marketers should revamp their content strategy with the help of data driven insights for better engagement with their target audience. Real-time data is starting to be another key enabler for marketers to deliver personalized content and responses. It also has a dedicated space on its website for agents to share their customer stories. Science is knowing which projects are ‘tried and tested’ and hence need to be optimized fully to drive superior execution and scale. So, leverage art to pilot or place your bets and use science to scale those projects that are successful. Widespread adoption of technology has opened a new frontier for marketers to reach their target audience. The sheer number of potential consumers that can be reached by brands via the help of technology is staggering.

marketing is art as well as science

If you need a read to tell you to do PR’s, blogs, SEO basics, etc, than this is the book for you. Shayne Tilley is the Marketing Manager for sitepoint.com, one of the oldest and most experienced online businesses. Is the Marketing Manager for sitepoint.com, one of the oldest and most experienced online businesses. Yet, marketing teams are struggling to use data effectively to drive marketing decisions and actions. For example, less than25% of companieshave developed data-driven cultures within their organizations.

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Hence, certain people conclude that Management is a pure Science that one follows. Here, you need practical knowledge in management to be a good manager. Until and unless 2 numbri song lyrics in hindi you are in corporate handling people, you won’t be able to be a good manager. Decision-making in Management is one of the key features that you learn in management.

Once you know the tricks of the trade, there is a natural urge to know “what if”? And that’s the urge to innovate, to understand what is beyond the known, possibly leading to excellent results. And when that inspiration is true, or when your career/life situation pushes you to take that step, the easiest way to start is to imitate the best of what you see. By sheer observation and imitation, you might come to see how it works. Here’s one to consider – “Business storytelling is a mindset and a skill.”

But this statement does not seem true if we consider the number of new movie directors, novelists, and marketing agencies mushrooming from nowhere, doing some fantastic work. Validity and predictability are the fifth and sixth criteria. Science is not merely a body of information or a collection of facts. Science is only possible when the knowledge acquired can be verified. The validity of management ideas has been proven through numerous testing. A subordinate who reports to only one boss, for example, will perform better than one who reports to two or more employers. Furthermore, by establishing a cause-and-effect link, management concepts can provide a solid foundation for forecasting future events.

The syllabus is similar to MBA, hence, if you pursue PGDM from an Association of Indian Authority-approved college, then you don’t need to pursue an MBA degree. A Hindi translation of his book ‘Sales Ek Kala Aur Vigyan’ has been published to take into account the needs of those readers who prefer reading in Hindi. Effective Management lead to realization of Organizational and other goals. How are your followers engaging with content across channels? Look to metrics like video views, likes, reach, share and comments. If you’re a B2B company, there are a couple of easy places to start.


It needs to be orchestrated.If you can invoke the emotions of your audience through your content,chances of your content going viral are high. Start by understanding your customers and curate customer profiles that emphasize the customer journey. Pay heed to customer feedback and help your customers by giving them the content they desire. Marketing is both an “art” and a “science” there is constant tension between the formulated side of marketing and the Creative side. Marketing is a science because marketing is about understanding and influencing behaviors. Psychology, the science of behaviors, studies how people react to certain stimuli in predictable ways. The science is in anticipating the reactions to your actions.

A new feather in his cap just might be the launch of the Hindi version of his book, another testament to his accomplishments as an author and as a sales maverick. We are a training & consulting firm helping tech professionals, leaders & businesses convert their experiences into growth using storytelling. Suppose you have a “growth mindset”, then you would be looking for growth opportunities everywhere, even to the extent of converting failures into growth while others might be brooding over their losses. You can extend this to buying a house, a laptop, a shoe, a piece of furniture, or even finding a partner. By concluding it as art, we make it sound abstract, essentially claiming only the ‘born-creative’ people can do it.

Back when I ran Bright Minds Marketing, I had a Catholic school customer I worked with to design an easy phone cadence for every prospective parent who visited the school. The job can’t be finished correctly without an effective follow-up campaign to turn potential recruits into enrolled students. If it all goes according to plan, this work will culminate in big crowds for open houses and information nights full of parents excited about their schools. As I write this, schools are in the thick of enrollment season with administrators doing everything they can to attract prospective parents. If you happen to choose one, you get 70+ training and development sessions from industry experts and IIM professionals. Sunstone also helps you to build a professional portfolio of the work done that attracts top recruiters and schedules guaranteed-interview for you. Even if you achieve a 99% CAT score, it is recommended to choose the best business school for the PGDM course.

It’s essential to connect with the customers in the language which resonates with them. Passionate marketing professional, enthusiastic about spreading knowledge about the art and science of marketing. The key is to build trust with your audience through helpful content that showcases thought leadership.

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